Travelling all around UK can definitely cause you to bust a lot of your hard earned bucks. But if you really have that much money, then you could just check in at any luxurious hotels which rates can go as much as £640. You don’t want to spend that much money for a night of accommodation; otherwise you won’t be reading this article to search for practical alternatives to hotels. So without any further introductions, here are the 4 alternative accommodation ideas when traveling in the UK:

One of the first ideas which you may opt to consider is staying in a caravan. Caravan rentals are one of the fastest growing industries in UK when it comes to practical accommodations. Modern caravans have evolved a lot; from just being ordinary vehicles a few years ago, they are now upgraded with several facilities like that in a real home such as toilet, shower, kitchen and some even have pull out sections for extra space. If you’re travelling with your family or perhaps few of your friends for quite a long time, staying in a caravan can absolutely help you save a lot of money rather than staying in hotel rooms. It’s very basic; you just need to hire a caravan, pay for it, sign in with the terms and conditions of the company and you’re ready on the go. Meanwhile, you also have to keep in mind that if you’re planning to hire a caravan for your trip, you will need some form of insurance from a reliable caravan insurance provider.

Although UK is considered as one of the safest places in the world, danger can still be everywhere. You may never notice while you and your friends are having fun walking around from stall to stall and all of a sudden, as soon as you go back to the place where you left your caravan, you will be shocked to no longer see your it on its place. With that case, you can already understand why it is necessary for you to get caravan insurance. It will cost you a bit but it’s entirely beneficial in the long run.

Another alternative accommodation which will surely suite your limited budget is by renting condos. This is also one of the fastest growing hospitality industries in the UK. As a matter of fact, the rate of the tourists who prefer to stay in the condos is more than 7% compared to those who would rather stay in the hotels. If you’re travelling alone, then this can be a lot preferable compared to other alternatives. Of course, it’s a lot cheaper because unlike staying in the hotels, there are no room services such as food delivery and cleaning in the condos. But aside from that, one thing similar between condos and hotels is that they are usually built in high-raised buildings.

Renting an apartment can also be a good option. This is somewhat very similar like staying in the condos. The rates are almost the same so either of the two can offer you with a good deal. When you choose this alternative, you have to bear in mind that apartments and condos are real homes owned by real people. When not necessary, don’t move the furniture nor destroy them. Keep the place clean all the time if you don’t want to live with the clutters. Good apartments usually provide free maintenance or repair services if something went wrong with your place such as plumbing and lighting fixtures.

If you really want to significantly cut down your travel expenses, then camping can also be a very nice alternative. All you need to do is to bring your tent and look for a nice campsite. Camping had been very popular during events such as the London Olympics in which even the most expensive hotels were fully booked. Camping will cost you almost nothing letting you spare some of your money to much important commodities such as food, but it has few downsides as well. One of which is that fact that you are not that fully secured and that the weather, although predictable, is uncontrollable.

Those are just 4 alternative accommodation ideas when travelling in the UK. They may not provide you with the best amenities but they can certainly provide you temporary shelter. Hopefully, this article is useful to help you decide which among of those alternatives will best suite your preferences.