Life can sometimes feel like one long chore.

Weekends and evenings are usually spent rushing around shopping cooking, cleaning, answering the phone, checking emails, taking the kids to clubs…and each day can soon start to feel much like the one before.

If this sounds like you, then investing in a holiday home could be the answer to your prayers, and in addition to offering the chance of a much-needed regular break, it could be a sound financial investment.

Investing in a holiday home might sound like something only the rich (or retired) can do, but there are now a hug range of holiday homes for sale in a range of different prices. By shopping around you’re sure to find one that suits both your wallet and your wish list.

boy and girl runnig dog on the beach

Here are 5 reasons that will make you seriously consider investing in a holiday home (as if you needed much persuasion)


1.     Keep Children Entertained

For many, the key attraction of owning a holiday home is the chance to regularly stay on a holiday park that offers fun, free and healthy entertainment for their children.  Think fresh air, outdoor play, long walks and swimming.  Check out Lifestyle Living for inspiration.

 2.     Stress Free Holidays

The effort of booking and organising holidays can sometimes make you feel in need of another holiday, just to recover from the stresses of the first.  However, these tensions could be a thing of the past, if all you have to do is pack a few essentials and off you go.  No need to book kennels, or worry about packing loads of home comforts, as they’ll all be waiting at the lodge for your arrival.

 3.     Second income stream

As well as offering value for money and stress free holidays for years to come, a holiday home could also provide you with a valuable second income stream – instead of costing you money, you could actually be earning it!

Letting out a holiday home could net you a weekly income of between £400 to over £2000 during peak seasons.

4.     Enjoy it with family

If you really love the thought of owning a holiday home, but can’t afford the initial outlay, on-going maintenance costs or have concerns that you wont be able to use the home regularly enough to make it cost effective, then you might want to consider pooling your resources with close friends or family members.

5.     Holiday Alone

If you’re facing holidays alone for the first time, then travelling with a group of strangers may be pretty daunting.  Many elder single travellers decide to invest in a holiday home as a solution to their holiday challenges.  Owning a holiday home in a region you love, means that you never have to worry about when and where to holiday again.  It also means you are welcome to invite family members to join you whenever you like, or simply enjoy the peaceful ‘home from home’ experience.