holiday at the beach Hello I’m Helen, a mature traveller who was bitten by the adventure bug somewhat later in life than many. So at 50 years of age I took the plunge, packed my rucksack and booked a one way ticket to see the world for myself. I must say that so far I have not been disappointed and have visited some of the most amazing places you could ever imagine; but my journey is not over yet and I’d like to share my findings, impressions and travel excitement with you.


If I had the chance I would make it compulsory that everyone gets the opportunity to travel at some point in their life. To seek out things that enrich them, be educated by communities unlike your own and realise their dreams as they travel. This is truly what I feel I have found during my travels so far, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon – there is so much more I need and want to see. I travel lightly and spend varying amounts of time in the places I visit, in my writing I try to give the reader the full picture and my own opinions of the great places I have seen.


Regular readers will see that I do try to tell the whole story and invite other people to let me know what they think of a particular location or even suggest somewhere that I should visit. Life is a journey and I plan on seeing as much of our planet as I can before it’s too late. With help from the people I meet my travels thus far have been more than I could have ever hoped for and I’m extremely positive that I will keep having fun, enjoying life and discovering places that exceed my expectations.