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Unusual Attractions in Marrakech


Many would say that all the attractions in Marrakech are unusual because the city has its own unique vibrancy and energy like no other place. However, this guide by cheapflights shows there are some sights and smells which, as a…

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Golf courses in South Africa


Golfers flock to South Africa via travel companies like Mahlatini to enjoy a different kind of golfing experience. It’s easy to see why people travel so far and why South Africa has invested so much in golfing holidays. The scenery,…

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The underrated beaches of Cape Town

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When it comes to beaches, Cape Town in South Africa is a hidden gem of untapped beauty. The stunning sand covered coasts of Cape Town remain largely underrated and are populated mostly by locals. The peninsula of Cape Town is…

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Cruising the Nile


The river Nile is the longest river in the world running through a total of ten countries. It gets most of its water from the rain rich Ethiopian highlands and drains into the Mediterranean Sea after travelling for a distance…