London isn’t exactly known for its food. The quality and taste aren’t comparable to some of Europe’s other capital cities. However, the variety you get here is unmatched. Regardless of whether you want to try a dish from India, have a bagel or go for the traditional fish n chips, there is no dearth of options when it comes to places to eat. That being said, if you’re in London on vacation it is an expensive city and eating out can be heavy on your wallet. While you may be looking out for discount London Tours it’s always good to know about some places to eat which offer great food at affordable prices. Here is a list of the best places to eat in London:

Koshari Street

The term ‘Koshari’ might make you feel apprehensive about trying this place. It refers to an Egyptian snack and has nothing to do with ‘kosher’. Koshari Street is a canteen where you can find the eponymous snack as well as a range of Lebanese dishes. There is much to enjoy, from wraps to salads to soups. Prices start from £2.95 while you can get a Koshari for £4.50.



Honey & Co.

Honey & Co is one of the most acclaimed restaurants in London. You can head there for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Prices may be a bit high if you are on a tight budget but breakfast is generally affordable. You won’t have to spend more than £6. The menu is varied. You can get a frittata, lahma breads, blueberry donuts and walnut & orange loaf. All the food you get is freshly made and tastes delicious.

Scandinavian Kitchen

If you truly want to sample Scandinavian food, Scandinavian Kitchen is the place to head you. You can have a meal there or take it on the go. There are smoked salmon and egg rolls to start your day with a hearty breakfast while you can go for their open sandwiches or lunch. Breakfast shouldn’t set you back more than £3 while you can have a decent lunch here for less than £10.

Honest Burger

If you want to eat authentic beef burgers while in London, Honest Burger is the place to head to. You get juicy, thick patties in the burgers which are served with skin-on chips that are sprinkled with salt and rosemary. In fact, these chips are popular all over the city. The beef itself is aged for 35 days before it is served to the customers. The burger may be on the expensive side, costing £9.50 including the chips but it is worth the price based on the taste and the feeling of fullness you get after eating it.



Pizza Pilgrims

The craving for pizza can strike at any time and you shouldn’t let it wait. Head to Pizza Pilgrims and enjoy some great pizzas on a budget. The list of toppings is extensive and the pizza is served piping hot, straight from the oven. You can have it there or take it along. A pizza wouldn’t cost you more than £7.

If you want to get the best of what London has to offer in terms of food, try the five places mentioned here. You can rest assured you will get the best taste and quality without having to spend through the roof.