When one thinks of Spain, one of the first thoughts that capture the mind is the elegance dance of the bull and his matador as they tempt life and death to make one final choice. You not only need heart of a Spaniard to see the art which underlies the footwork of this game of death, but also the courage of a true connoisseur to witness this sport and appreciate the elegance of its brutality.

A lot of tourists, who come to Mallorca, expect to experience firsthand, the madness of the magnificent Spanish sport.  The Balearic Islands are after all a part of the Spanish kingdom. Mallorca promises to not disappoint its tourists.  Mallorca villas and hotels see a rise in the number of tourists, just to witness this sport.

The biggest bullring for the Corrida or the bullfight in Mallorca is in the capital of the Island. Plaza de Toros in Palma very often comes alive in the colors of life and death, as a bull fight escalates within its rings.  The bullfights usually begin at 5 pm on Sundays to the tunes of the Spanish guitars. Falmencos with their colorful feathers, who are usually found adding spice to the bars and restaurants in Spain, takes a whole new meaning. As female dancers step elegantly in tune with the soulful music of the guitars, their grace and coordination leave the tourists mesmerized.

Despite the gaiety, the colors gradually fade as one singular color takes the stage. Red; the color of passion and blood. The matador sizes the strength of the bull and perhaps the bull eyes the matador in the same fashion.  The peones are the first ones to distract the bulls with their long flowing capes.  The picadors follow close on the heels of the peones and dart with their horses to poke their spikes in the neck of the bull, angering him, testing his tenacity.  This is also an opportunity for the crowds to erupt into the traditional booing, lightening the atmosphere. But only for a moment. It is time to bring out the banderillas; small, ribboned knives, which are stuck along the back of the bull.

It is now that the matador steps in with his favored red cloth to lead the dance of death. The matador must strike at the heart of the bull to claim his victory.

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