The question of motorhome equipping and van conversions is one that might sometimes raise a few questions.

Here we will explain how things work, using an Auto-Sleepers motorhome as an example.

Motorhomes and van conversions

Significant numbers of motorhomes that you see on the road are not necessarily manufactured by a single company.

In many cases, the engine is made by a manufacturer and put onto a specially constructed chassis that is designed to take what will become the accommodation unit.  That accommodation unit itself can be custom designed and built by another company.

The potentially fourth segment of the equation is the equipment and décor used inside the accommodation unit. That may be produced by yet another company specializing in such activities.

The position can be more complicated because sometimes things such as the engine and driving control systems plus the chassis are manufactured by one company and the accommodation unit and interior fittings by another.  In that scenario, it may be that there are effectively only two companies directly involved in producing a motorhome rather than three or four!

The final element of the equation arises in the context of a van conversion.  These are typically vans produced to a more or less standard manufacturer specification, which are then converted into accommodation units by a specialist company.

This explains why an Auto-Sleepers motorhome might appear at a quick glance to have been manufactured by any one of several different companies.  They may, for example, carry the badges of Mercedes’, Fiat or Peugeot. Yet they are all Auto-Sleepers.

Why the coachbuilders are important

Although it is possible to have a great technical debate about the merits of say a Mercedes Benz versus Peugeot engine, for many owners, one of the most important things in motorhome selection is the configuration and quality of the accommodation unit and the facilities it provides.

This is where Auto-Sleepers operate.  They will take the mechanical components of fantastic manufacturers such as those mentioned above, then turn them into luxury motorhome accommodation.

The advantage to the buyer is that Auto-Sleepers are able to design and build accommodation units that vary depending upon market requirements.  So, if you wish to have a three-birth unit with a very large shower facility, that’s possible.  Alternatively though, you may prefer to have an extra berth or two and accept a reduced size shower facility.

Auto-Sleepers have developed an enviable reputation over the years for their innovative approach to the utilisation of space within a standard engine and chassis configuration.  So, when you look inside one of their Mercedes-Benz vehicles it may look significantly different to another.

Options for the customer

This explains the popularity of Auto-Sleepers’ motorhomes.  You can select the engine and chassis configuration you want and then one of a number of different models of accommodation unit to sit on top of them.

There is almost an option for everyone and a high degree of personal choice and even customisation may be possible.

If Auto-Sleepers motorhomes are new to you, it might be worth doing some research on them now.