It’s no secret that chocolate is one of the most loved, and most eaten, treats around the world. Whether you prefer milk, dark, or white, there’s something oddly comforting about indulging in it. If simply eating chocolate doesn’t seem to satisfy your sweet tooth, perhaps you’ll be interested in visiting one of the many chocolate factories around the world. Here’s a look at some of the best:

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Cadbury World – Definitely one of the sweetest places to visit in the UK, Cadbury World is known as the place ‘where chocolate comes to life’. There are fourteen different ‘zones’ in the world of Cadbury, so there will be plenty to see and do while you’re there. You’ll learn how the chocolate is made, learn about the history of Cadbury chocolate, create your own delicious Cadbury chocolate, and even play in chocolate rain! A stop by the Cadbury Cafe and the souvenir-packed gift shop is a great way to top off your visit. Did I mention you receive a lot of free chocolate as well?!? As it’s such a popular attraction pre-booking Cadbury World tickets is essential to avoid disappointment.

House of Anvers – Located in Latrobe, Tasmania, House of Anvers is a chocolate lover’s best dream ever. After visiting their museum on the history of chocolate, you can look through viewing windows and see the chocolate-making process in action with your very own eyes. There’s also a coffee shop that creates delicious hot chocolate, chocolate desserts, a wide range of teas, and a delicious French breakfast. There’s also delicious wine for the adults. An organised tour of House of Anvers Chocolate Factory can be arranged by appointment for a minimum of 10 people, Monday to Friday.

Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate – It’s no secret that Belgium has some of the best chocolate in the world. You can learn all about their delicious specialty when you visit the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate, located near the Grand Place in Brussels. You’ll get an extensive lesson on the history of chocolate and the manufacturing of pralines upon arrival, complete with some taste-testing. Then you’ll learn all about how chocolate is manufactured, as a master chocolatier demonstrates his art right before your eyes. You’ll even get to check out some cool chocolate sculptures. As if those weren’t enough reasons to visit, you’ll also be greeted upon arrival with a mouth-watering biscuit dipped in melted chocolate.

Ethel M – Take a self-guided tour through Ethel M Chocolates in Las Vegas. Owned by the Mars chocolate corporation, you may be surprised to know Ethel M chocolates was not named after Ethel Mertz, who famously worked in a chocolate factory with Lucy Ricardo in an episode of “I Love Lucy”. Instead, it was named for the “grandmother” of the Mars Corporation, Ethel Mars. You’ll get to take a tour throughout the factory and learn about the chocolate-making process. Your visit will end with a free sample white, dark, milk, or various seasonal chocolates.