Bodrum-Turkey is considered to be a colourful, exciting place to visit, which has surprises around every corner. With a fantastic combination of sun, sea and stunning beaches to explore, this vacation destination is magical. Turkey is a great value destination, whether you want to experience the older, quieter culture of the city, or the exciting vibrant nightlife, there is plenty to explore.

This picturesque costal port has a huge array of different attractions and is considered to be one of the most vital centres for entertainment, trade and art. Tourism has become essential to the local economy, and many people consider this has ruined the area. However, the city has clung onto the original charm that made it so popular. Therefore, you will be able to find sugar cube houses draped in bougainvillea.

Shopping is a past time that many people who visit Bodrum-Turkey enjoy and there are plenty of different shops and markets on offer. The narrow, quaint streets throughout the city, offer charming shops with many Turkish crafts. You will find it difficult to resist the excellent prices, and exquisite craftsmanship of the items.

Sightseeing throughout the city is fascinating, and there are several different, beautiful buildings to explore. Bodrum Museum and castle are one of the must see places whilst on vacation, and you will be impressed with the incredible underwater archaeology display in the museum. The castle was built in the 15th century and has one of the oldest shipwreck exhibitions in the world.

The amphitheatre is another breath-taking place to visit, and dates back to the reign of the Mausolus, however, the Romans did modify this incredible theatre. There are stunning views of the city from this monument, enabling you to gain some excellent photographs. Myndus Gate is another excellent place to visit, and will enable you to see how much the city has begun to rebuild.

The cuisine in Bodrum-Turkey is often one of the largest surprises, as people often think the food will be basic. However, once you begin to experience the different foods on offer, you will be shocked by the huge variety. There is an extremely rich historical background, which has created some amazing food choices. The choice of fruits, meats and fish ensure that every meal is divine, and will leave you wanting more.

If you want to experience mouth-watering baked goods, you have to take a trip to Pan Pan Ekmekci Bakery. This cafe is located close to the marina and attracts hundreds of people every day by the irresistible smells that envelop you as you attempt to pass. The friendly people will ensure that you feel welcome, and enjoy one of the freshly baked cakes, or patisseries.

You may have chosen Bodrum-Turkey, as you thought it was similar to many of the other resorts in the country. However, once you have experienced the delights, scenery, and exciting foods that are on offer, you will realize that this city is unique. You will want to return time and time again, and discover everything; you missed the first time you came.