The river Nile is the longest river in the world running through a total of ten countries. It gets most of its water from the rain rich Ethiopian highlands and drains into the Mediterranean Sea after travelling for a distance of 6671 kilometers/4145 miles As such, it is one of and the largest tourist attractions in the world and cruising the Nile is bound to be an unforgettable experience for an individual. The sheer immensity of the river is a tourist attraction in itself with some sections of the river having a breadth of 3 kilometers. In addition addition to that, there are many tourist activities and attractions that are based on the river Nile that will give an individual a memorable experience of cruising the Nile. The scope of tourist activities offered at the river usually include:
Water sports
This is a feature that is most prevalent in the river Nile. For water sports enthusiasts, cruising the river Nile can be a dream comes true as it offers the perfect setting for most of the water sports. The river is synonymous with water sports such as rafting and kayaking. For individuals who want to go extreme, there are sections of the river which have rapids offering one of the best settings for extreme water sports in the world.
River boat cruises.
This is one of the best ways of experiencing the Nile and all its wonders. Cruising the Nile on a river boat can be a very relaxing and enjoyable experience for individuals who are not after water sports usually associated with the Nile. River boat cruises are also best fit for nature lovers as they offer an opportunity for individual to view the wildlife along the Nile which includes the gigantic hippo and some of the world’s largest crocodiles. The river Nile also offers sustenance to hundreds of bird species and the teeming groups of birds around the river can are also one of the major attractions that are associated with cruises on the line.
River boat cruises also offer a perfect opportunity for individuals to witness one of the most breath taking moments in the world; the sundowner. There is nothing like watching the sun go down across the desert while on a river.
Historical sites
The river Nile passes through some countries that are home to mans earliest civilization. The best known locations for the civilizations are in Sudan and Egypt. These two countries have one of the largest architectural wonders known to man; pyramids. A cruise along the Nile cannot be complete without seeing the pyramids or most specifically the sphinx that is located in Egypt. Some of the pyramids can be seen from the river but it is usually recommended that a stopover should be made to see these sites since most of them are located near the river.
For fishing enthusiasts, a cruise on river Nile can be one of the best experiences. The lake is home to hundreds of fish species and the fish usually grow to gigantic sizes due to the favorable topical conditions.