For those who love the thrill of adrenalin and water sports, diving presents a winning combination of both. With a wide variety of diving locations around the world, you can choose from some of the most exotic and beautiful spots to dive. But, these also come associated with life-threatening risks. While you might think it will never happen to you, it’s important to stay prepared to avoid serious injury or harm. We check out some of the most famous divers in history – and the most dangerous locations that tempt divers to test their fate:


World famous divers

When you’re think of divers – there’s one name that comes to mind: Jean-Michel Cousteau. The son of explorer Jacques Cousteau, Jean-Michel’s love for the ocean has been clearly established, and he is now one of the world’s most prominent oceanic environmentalists, and is the president of the Ocean Futures Society.

When it comes to setting the record for diving, you can’t beat the South African Nuno Gomes, who holds the record for deepest dive to date, having succeeded in reaching depths of over 1,000 feet. More tragic is the case of another record holder, the Australian diver, David John Shaw. Only one of eleven people who has successfully dived below 800 feet using self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, he sadly died whilst trying to recover the body of another diver in 2005.

The most dangerous locations

The Belize Blue Hole is one of the most beautiful, but risk-laden spots for diving. With jewel-like turquoise waters, the Blue Hole attracts thousands of divers wanting to explore its depths, but as it falls into a pool of complete darkness, and therefore also presents serious safety risks to divers.

For real risk-taking, cliff diving probably takes the lead, and the thrill of jumping off a cliff edge into ocean waters also comes with a potential risk of body or head injury. Places like the La Quebrada cliffs in Acapulco or Wolfgangsee in Austria, which hosts the annual Red Bull Cliff Diving Event every July, attract the cream of the diving crop, eager to show off their talents and dare-devil skills.

Staying safe

For the average diver, death-defying feats like jumping off the staggering heights of Wolfgangsee might seem like an impossible achievement, but if you’re really thinking of going for the leap, heed the advice of seasoned experts. Extreme diving requires exceptional precision in body control, plus mental concentration, and even the smallest mistake can prove to be costly, if not fatal. If you’re keen to try diving from great heights, it’s important to train regularly to teach your body – and mind – the skills it requires to ensure a safe, and enjoyable diving experience.

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