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4 Beautiful Islands of Croatia


The variety of islands that can be found in Croatia is almost unmatched. Of the over 1000 islands off the mainland, you can find anything from islands only inhabited by a lighthouse guard or a few deer to ones with…

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Buying an Auto-Sleepers Motorhome

Europe, Travel Tips, UK

    The question of motorhome equipping and van conversions is one that might sometimes raise a few questions. Here we will explain how things work, using an Auto-Sleepers motorhome as an example. Motorhomes and van conversions Significant numbers of motorhomes…

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Visit Wales in Your ‘Van

Europe, Travel Tips, UK

  A French visitor once described Wales as his “favourite part of England”! This is a forgivable and almost traditional error for some overseas visitors, many of whom find the relationship between the home nations of the UK rather difficult…

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Quirky Hair Salons in London


You’re in London. You’re looking for look fabulous for a big night out and you only have one problem: “Where are the best hairdressers near me?” To save yourself from ever having to be in such a dire situation, I’ve…

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The Best Places to Eat in London


London isn’t exactly known for its food. The quality and taste aren’t comparable to some of Europe’s other capital cities. However, the variety you get here is unmatched. Regardless of whether you want to try a dish from India, have…

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Posh hotel choices in the UK


There are a number of things that we have always done exceptionally well here in the UK. Firstly, people travel from all over the world to have a suit made on Savile Row. British tailoring and style has always been…