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The Manchester Food & Drink Festival


For all you foodies, the Manchester Food & Drink Festival is almost upon us. Based in the heart of one of the UK’s largest cities, the Manchester Food & Drink Festival is a nationally acclaimed event that has been running…

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Exploring Spain’s coastline


Spain is blessed with a mild climate and extensive stretches of beach and coastal areas bordering the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts of the country.  Add into this equation the beautiful Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, and the lively Balearic…

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The Mediterranean diet in Crete


Explore the Mediterranean Diet in Crete Crete, the largest of the Greek islands, has a rich, living history. It is known for its distinctive culture, including Mantinades poetry, music and dance. Crete was a cradle of civilisation, the home of…

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The Zombie Apocalypse is Here


Get with the trend and try something new… become a zombie, or choose to be attacked by them! Sound like your idea of fun? Then read on… Literary history of the zombie dates back to around 5000 years ago, when…

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Fly me to the Med


How far will you go for Mediterranean sunshine? Obviously we’re not instigating or condoning criminal behaviour to secure a fantastic cheap or all inclusive holiday to the Med. No we’re just asking what’s your ideal flight time. Again not what…

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Best Hotels in Northern England


There are tons of hotels in Northern England; It also depends where you’re staying, and with so many options which hotel do you choose? Here are some of my favourite places to stay in different locations across the north of…

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Tips on how to pack for holiday


One of the things that takes most people the longest to do when they are preparing to go on holiday is the packing and planning for what to pack. If this is something you tend to have a problem with,…