Spain is blessed with a mild climate and extensive stretches of beach and coastal areas bordering the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts of the country.  Add into this equation the beautiful Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, and the lively Balearic Islands off the south-eastern coast in the Mediterranean, and it is not surprising that summer resorts and beach holidays are the primary form of tourism to Spain, and the largest source of income for the country as a whole.

In addition to having such a warm, pleasant climate, Spain is also a very accessible country, with flights available on a number of international airlines from many points around the world.  Spain also has its own national airline, Iberia.  RENFE is the main railway into the country from locations in Europe, and getting around in the country is quick and easy on the high-speed train, known as the AVE, which is used for intercity commutes.  Most of the largest tourist destinations throughout the country are easily accessible via the country’s network of motorways.


Top coastal destinations in Spain

Costa Dorada covers more than 200 kilometres of the Mediterranean coastline with beautiful beaches and a host of marinas and water sport facilities to satisfy individuals and families alike.  Sitges, one of the main beach resorts, features superlative beaches and a lively nightlife.  The beach resort Salou is more geared toward families and is just steps from the Port Aventura theme park’s many rides and attractions.  Water activities are popular in the clear waters off the coast, including scuba diving, water skiing and windsurfing.  The countryside also offers sports and activities for holiday visitors, including beautiful golf courses, and plenty of hiking and cycling opportunities throughout the area.  Holidaymakers may take advantage of the hospitality of the many hotels in Costa Dorada; choose a stay in a luxury resort; or enjoy the local flavour in one of the many area inns.  Of course, there is always a stay in nearby Tarragona or Barcelona.

Along the Atlantic Coast of Andalucía lies the golden sandy perfection that is the Costa de la Luz, or Coast of Light.  Popular with water sport enthusiasts, the more than 25 picturesque beaches and the lovely town of Huelva are close to the very interesting Seville.

The Balearic Islands of the south-eastern coast have become synonymous with clubbing, nightlife and the international party scene, but there is more to these lovely islands than simply dancing the night away.  The largest island, Majorca, is a great family destination, with resorts such as Magaluf and Santa Ponsa that focus on the family. Individuals and couples craving a quiet getaway gravitate toward Minorca and its peaceful beaches.  Ibiza, “party capital of Europe”, is also a haven for more spiritual holidays; retreats focused on yoga, meditation and overall wellness are offered there.  Luxury hotels and resorts abound, offering many options for travellers.

The Costa Verde, or Green Coast, of Spain stretches across 345 kilometres of the country’s northern coast. Here, pristine beaches, rocky cliffs and coves, sand dunes and natural areas abound, and the city life is small-scale, with quaint fishing villages taking centre-stage. Traditional foods and cuisine are renowned in the region, including cheeses, cider and fabada, a famous dish composed of sausage and beans.