Organising the right level of holiday insurance is an essential part of going away. It not only protects your booking before you travel, keeping you covered against the cost of holiday cancellations, it can also keep you and your possessions protected while you’re away.


Before we look at how to find the best travel insurance deals, let’s first consider why holiday insurance is important. There are all sorts of different scenarios, and if you book a holiday or go away without pre-booking appropriate cover, you could leave yourself exposed to a rising tide of costs. From flight cancellations to lost medication, stolen cash to tour operator bankruptcy, medical emergencies to terrorist incidents – the right level of travel insurance will make sure you are financially reimbursed or compensated should your holiday turn out to be a nightmare.

And if you were thinking that you’d rather forego the cost of travel insurance and spend the money on nights out instead, think again.

There are plenty of cheap holiday insurance deals out there which means that even the highest level of cover needn’t cost the earth. Most insurance policies are available as budget-friendly single trip cover, perfect if you’re only planning one trip this year. What’s more, some holiday insurance providers such as Thomas Cook can provide a basic level of cover for a single trip policy for less than £10, which is worth its weight in gold for peace of mind. After all, who wants to spend a week worrying about such things, or opting out of experiences because they’re worried about the cost of medical treatment?

For those who travel a lot, an annual or multi-trip policy is usually the most cost-effective way to travel. Plus it means that it’s one less thing to think about next time you jet off on holiday.

So whatever you do, make sure you don’t leave home without the right level of holiday insurance. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind and protection. Always remember to visit Personal Finance 4 You for money saving tips.