Attitudes towards holidaying in the UK have changed dramatically over the last few years.

Some people can no longer afford to go abroad to the usual sun spots, some people want more from a holiday than just day after day of sitting on the beach and some people just like the idea of exploring a little closer to home and unearthing a ‘hidden’ gem.

Here are five reasons why holidaying in the UK is so appealable. If you’re from abroad, and travelling alone, it might be worth reading this article on reasons why you should travel alone.

Famous landmarks

World-famous landmarks can be found throughout the UK. From Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the London Eye to Stonehenge, the Angel of the North, Snowdonia and Edinburgh Castle, there are hundreds of interesting places to visit and learn more about.

Stunning countryside

The Lake District, Yorkshire, Scottish Highlands and Snowdonia National Park are all areas of natural beauty in the UK worth exploring if the chance arises. Take in the sublime scenery, some of which is the most enchanting in Europe, and you’ll be guaranteed a feast of the eyes.

Sporting facilities

Fans of outdoor pursuits are spoilt for choice in the UK. From mountain biking in the Peak District to climbing in Northumberland, canoeing in Fort William to walking in the Isle of Skye, skiing in Cumbria to memorable golf breaks courtesy of companies like Your Golf Travel, opportunities are plentiful.

Bustling cities

There’s more to the UK than just the capital cities. Much more. Cities like Bristol, Liverpool and Glasgow, for example, are thriving cities on the up and have benefited from substantial investment in recent years. Excellent transport links means going from one city to the next is straightforward.

Regional charm 

With distinctive food, sense of humour and language, different parts of the UK offer very different experiences. Regional food, in particular, is intriguing and as the saying goes – new is always better. Sample mouth-watering pasties in Cornwall, haggis and stovies in Scotland, chicken parmo, Yorkshire pudding – the list could go on and on

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