Even though the academic semester is just beginning, it doesn’t hurt to be proactive and plan ahead a bit. Especially when that planning is for a much-deserved study break. Get a group of friends together and start planning the perfect lake holiday in Europe today. You deserve it after all of the studying, tests, late nights and cramped quarters. Your parents will undoubtedly encourage you in this important endeavor.

Part of a well-rounded college education includes travel. When you travel, you experience the world firsthand. Nothing beats being in a new place to experience the sights, sounds and smells of an unfamiliar environment. You can read about as many places as desired, but nothing will take the place of actually traveling the world to experience it for yourself.

Lake Como & Lake Garda – Italy

There are great deals to be had when it comes to European lake vacations. Check out Lake Como in Italy or Lake Garda. You might rub elbows with some of Hollywood’s stars if you choose to relax at Lake Como for the week. You’ll find beautiful beaches, affordable villas and all the entertainment you could ask for. You won’t have to beg your parents for large sums and you won’t have to work too many hours of overtime to save enough for your study break trip. Finding group deals for large numbers of students is easy and economical. The hardest part will be rounding up a great group of friends to join you. You can┬ácompare summer holidays from Inghams.co.uk they have some fantastic lake and mountain holidays.

Imagine yourself kicked back in a lawn chair, the hot sun shining on your face, the sand at your feet, a cold beverage in your hand. You won’t have to worry about anything except what you’re going to eat for your next meal. Students need to be able to unwind every now and again. Don’t deny yourself this important educational experience. Just because your nose isn’t jammed in a book does not mean this is not a legitimate learning experience.

Book Your Lake Holiday

Book your lake holiday today before the spaces fill up. You’ll love visiting a new area to learn about the local culture and people. You might even find time to squeeze in a museum visit or a visit to some other local attractions. That would certainly please your parents to no end.

Don’t let the stresses of college life take over these important years. College is a time of education, personal growth and exploration. Explore the world while you are still young and free. Bon Voyage!

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