According to Saint Augustine, the world is like a book and failing to travel is like reading just a page. There are so many places to see with and this is one of the reasons as to why there are so many travel agencies. The traveling industry is quickly evolving and it has made traveling a lot easier than it was in the past. Social media is also one particular area that has experienced a lot of change. It has become more than just a communicating tool with many people now being able to establish business connections or even carry out business. Some of the most used social sites include Facebook, tumblr, Google plus, LinkedIn and twitter.


Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites if not the most popular one. It has been around for almost a decade now this social site has been existent and you just need to see the number of people who are on this site for you to see how seriously it has impacted the overall media. If you are in business and are looking to have a major impact, you definitely should make sure you have a Facebook page. This allows you to take advantage of the many people who are members of this social site.

Players from the travel industry can also benefit from Facebook by placing their adverts on the interface in such a way that they are visible to people regardless of what page they are in. As time goes by, these people will start developing interest in these pages with some of them automatically liking the pages since they have information that is relevant to them. There are many people who are seeking to stay updated about travel dynamics and they are definitely going to find the travel pages relevant for this cause. It is better if it provides the customers with regular updates on any great deals that may be available as far as traveling is concerned.


Twitter is way faster than Facebook in that there are many people who are posting every minute. You are able to see the updates of many people from all over the world without having to become their friends. You just need to follow them to be able to see their tweets. There are some people who focus on posting and reading tweets while there are some who go the extra mile by replying to tweets and engaging their audience. For travel industry representatives to have a greater impact on this social site is by making they have catchy tweets which will attract a good audience. They can also make a point of mentioning their twitter handle in cases where they choose to run adverts so that twitter users are able to monitor their progress.

Linked In:

This social site was initially created with an aim creating business networks. It was mostly used by companies which were looking to recruit new employees since people have qualifications listed on their profiles as well as their work experience. It has evolved a bit and is now able to provide a good ground for advertisement where travel agents or even other companies such as the ones for aviation can post their advertisements. This is because the people using the site will share any form of useful information they may encounter.

Google Plus:

This is one social site that combines the attributes of both Facebook and Twitter and can thus be used for marketing as well as making some good advertisements. All it needs is a person who is able to come up with creative adverts that will attract the attention of the users. If people find it interesting they are more likely to repost the link on their own page where it gets to be viewed by other users.

The impact of social media cannot be underestimated when it comes to marketing. It has a more strength when you compare it with television or print media and this is heavily attributed to the fact that most users have a choice. It is up to them to choose the information they would like to get or the people they would like to follow. The conversion rate is higher mainly due to the fact that the users already want whatever it is they are getting information on through updates and posts. Social media has gone a long way in invigorating the travel industry especially for those who have decided to make their presence felt in the social sites.

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