making money travelling

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Are you desperate to see the world but not sure how to fund your adventures? Do you want to know how you can earn an income whilst you’re on the move? Then read on for the lowdown on making money whilst you travel.

Let’s get this straight: Most ordinary people don’t have enough spare cash to cover travelling to far off places for extended periods of time. Sure, there are plenty of privileged kids bankrolled by mum and dad to go and find themselves on the obligatory gap year, but the rest of us have to find ways of paying for flights, accommodation, food, bungee jumps, or whatever else you choose to do on your travels. The key is planning ahead.

Temp Work

For younger travelers, temporary roles (like bar jobs or customer service roles, for instance) are the most easily obtained. Although many of these jobs can be found once you’re on the road, there are a number of agencies operating here in the UK that will be able to keep you up to date with bulletins for jobs around the world and help you to plan before you go.


For those of you who consider yourselves particularly ‘tech savvy’, working wirelessly could be an option. Whilst travel blogging permits travelers to earn money through advertising deals, those with more secure professions who are already familiar with the concept of working remotely (like web developers and editors) are often able to do their jobs anywhere around the world. It might be worth speaking to your company to see if you can carry on working whilst you travel.


Since many travelers are keen to get involved in the local community by giving something back, it can be worth taking advantage of the many hundreds of opportunities to volunteer. Although these positions are largely unpaid, meals and essentials are often included and this kind of work can help to build a lacklustre CV.

Yet another way of giving back whilst supporting yourself is by teaching. In places like China, Spain and Korea teachers of English are in high demand and the pay for such roles is very good. Better yet, contrary to common belief not all of these positions require a TEFL qualification, so it is possible to turn learning into earning without paying course fees. Of course, if you are particularly career orientated, it is actually possible to combine travel and training outright. There are hundreds of internships abroad, with companies offering paid roles around the world.

Other Options

Depending on the nature of your travel plans, work could take the form of an official professional role. Within commonwealth countries, getting work is often easier and it’s certainly worth bearing in mind that visas aren’t usually necessary for jobs lasting under three months, so you could support your sojourn without any additional paperwork.

Making money whilst travelling might seem daunting, but by using these tips as a starting point, it’s now easier than ever to plan your working holiday.