Newcastle, traditionally a coal-mining city, has made several improvements in recent years to make it now the most sustainable city in Britain. Sustainability, in this case, refers to practices that help the environment, reduce the area’s carbon footprint and encourage the responsible use of resources. Sustainability also refers to quality of life for the people living there as well as the potential for growth and development. Sustainable cities are prepared for the challenges of the future, including climate change and a shifting reliability on alternate fuels.

In ecological progress, Newcastle is leading Britain in many areas. The city has installed 580 charging points for electric vehicles to make the area more appealing to drivers of alternate-powered cars. The city is quickly becoming the most electric car-friendly areas in all of Britain because of this. It’s also ranked top among 20 other cities in Britain for recycling, biodiversity and green space, making it both an ecologically-friendly city and a beautiful one. Newcastle is truly a “green” city in all senses of the term, and it’s held its position as Britain’s most sustainable city for several years, showing that it is dedicated to the initiative. Do your part by reading these energy saving tips.

Although population has declined in the city over the years, the city is still alive with culture and draws numerous visitors from around the world to enjoy its unique historical sites and modern culture. With most of the surrounding areas struggling financially, Newcastle maintains a healthy economy that should encourage growth now that the eco-friendly framework has been laid for the city. Newcastle is poised to grow in population and economics as it leads Britain into a new era of sustainability.

Of course, most visitors don’t choose their travel destinations based on a city’s ecological reputation, although they may certainly appreciate the lower levels of pollution. If you’ve always dreamed of visiting Newcastle and staying in a beautiful hotel, now is a great time to visit. The city offers a wide variety of attractions, from a thriving nightlife to quality theatres and stunning landmarks. As part of its ecological initiative, Newcastle has a well-constructed public transportation service that will help visitors and residents alike travel throughout the city and see all of the sights.

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