The start of a new year can be one of the most depressing times of the year, especially if you live in northern Europe. Winter is at its peak, and you begin to really feel the absence of those sunny days. 


But today, with so many cheap flights available, there’s no need to grin and bear it! Of course, we all have to carry on going to work and living our daily lives, but it’s so easy to just pick a place to visit and then find a flight to get you there.

Even though many places around Europe won’t be much warmer, part of the appeal of going to a different country for the weekend is just to be somewhere new and see different things. Sightseeing off season can often be more fun than going at the height of summer anyway, as you don’t have to fight past the crowds to see whatever historical or cultural sight you’re planning to visit.

If the main point of getting away is to enjoy some better weather, then it’s logical that the further south you travel, the better the weather becomes. For example, you can find cheap flights from East Midlands to Alicante at any time of year, and though it might still be fresh there during early spring, you’ll likely to get sunny days while you’re exploring the area.

You may not be on the beach sunbathing, but you can certainly enjoy the relative solitude walking along the beach at this time of year compared with picking your way through sunburnt families in the summer! And it’s a good time to see a lot of the cultural sights in the area. For example, Alicante Castle is located at the top of a gruelling climb that is worth it for the amazing views from the top, but would be something not really worth doing in the middle of summer as it would be so draining!

Wherever you pick to head off for a trip, it’ll give you a boost to be out of your normal environment for a few days, meaning that when you come back the rest of the winter won’t feel so bad. Here are more guides on where to go to Spain