If you could win a city break trip to anywhere, where would it be?  For me, without a shadow of a doubt it would be Madrid.   Fortunately for me, and you, that is the chance we have in the competition mentioned further down the page, but more on that later.

Perhaps you are wondering what it is that I love about Madrid so much and find so appealing about the Spanish city, besides it being the capital.
That’s a very good question.  The simple answer would be to say that there are far too many things to mention in one small page of a blog.  Allow me to elaborate a little though.


Madrid is an interesting city to me because it is a real blend of many different things.  It has a cultured, arty side and an idyllic and pretty side, but is also a modern city that has held onto its deep history and heritage.


A visit to Madrid, even a short weekend one, therefore would still give you the opportunity to learn and enjoy what makes the Spanish capital so special to the rest of Spain.


As the city never seems to sleep you could start your Madrid experience in the early hours of the morning at dawn with a lovely authentic Spanish breakfast an then spend the rest of the day exploring all that it has to offer and there is a lot that it has to offer.


I am, as a bit of an art lover, particularly interested in strolling along the Art Walk (known in Spanish as Paseo del Arte) to visit some of the country’s most famous art galleries and museums.  Top of my lit of must visit places though is Prado Museum.  I would love to walk round that beautiful building and see magnificent works of art from the Italian, Flemish and of course, Spanish art masters.  I am most interested in seeing Velazquez’s Las Meninas up close however, as it is one of my favourite pieces and I have only seen it online and in printed form.


Although I don’t consider myself to be an expert gardener at all, I would also love the opportunity to check out the city’s highly regarded Botanical Gardens.  Obviously I want to check them out for their sheer beauty, but I am also intrigued by the history side to the gardens and learning about the importance of various plants and flowers and their uses in everyday life, both in the past and in the present.


If you share my excitement and intrigue into this important and beautiful city, please take the time to watch the video that accompanies this post and remember to enter the Madrid competition to stand a chance of winning a city break in Madrid.

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