There are several opportunities to make some money while you are travelling, which can really help you to have some income. When you travel for an extended time, it can be difficult to continually find the funds that you need to keep going. However, in this short guide we will help you to do just that and make some suggestions to make sure that you can continue to travel a little longer!


Sell items online

It is a really good idea to make sure that you get some cash behind you before you leave home. There are several ways that you could do this. Selling unwanted personal items online is a good start. You could do this using a well known internet auction site, such as eBay. Social media sites are also become increasingly popular to sell items, and it will help you to avoid having to pay the fees associated with auction sites.

Online Investments

Another great way to start making money before you leave home is to start online trading. To do this, you will need the services of an excellent trading platform, such as CMC markets. Their award winning platforms allows you to start building your online investment portfolio. You could start trading before you leave home and continue it throughout your travels.


Bar Work

Probably the most obvious suggestion is to look for some bar work while you are travelling. In the most popular travel hotspots bar work is usually very easy to come by. However, you will need to be prepared to work long hours for little pay. This can be useful to help you receive some income while travelling. Make sure that you take plenty of Curriculum Vitae’s (CV’s) with you so that you can drop them into potential employers. You will also need to take at least two references from previous employers.


Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Teaching english is becoming increasingly popular abroad, and can be a great way to help you increase your income while travelling. There are many language schools across the world that are regularly looking for native english speakers to teach english. If you are intending to do this then it is important that you do some research before you go. Most language schools will require you to have complete a ‘Teaching English as a Foreign Language’ (TEFL) qualification that you will have to spend some money on before leaving the UK. Also, many countries will require you to have a criminal record check. In the UK this is administered by the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) and you will find further details by searching for them online.



Blogging is an increasingly popular way to earn some cash online. Since you are travelling you will have the opportunity to blog about the interest things and places that you come across when you travel. Again, it is worthwhile getting into this before you leave home and then you can continue it during your travels. If you get your blog right it can really help supplement any other income.


Odd Jobs

You may be able to find some work by advertising your services to do some odd jobs. If you have particular skills, such as you are a plumber of electrician you could do some work (depending on local laws) while you are travelling. Even if you don’t have a skill you may well be able to find some work doing things like cleaning or gardening. Again, make sure you have your CV and references available for potential employers.



Finally, make sure that you use your talents! If you have a skill in singing or playing a musical instrument than why not perfect your skill and make some money busking on the street while your travel. Of course, you will need to make sure that this is legal in the country that you are visiting. However, this can be a useful way to make some money.

There are several ways that you can make some money while travelling. Do your research and put some thought into it and these ideas could really help you.