There are some truly magnificent places to take a holiday, and you probably have your favourites. These are the places you return to time and time again, as you are familiar with the accommodation, the beaches, the people and the restaurants. It’s great to feel at home like that, but wouldn’t it be great to go somewhere truly different? Until relatively recently, a holiday in an exotic island paradise was affordable only by the very rich. Now, with the advent of cheap air travel and an increase in people taking vacations abroad, this sort of holiday is available to all. For example, despite what you might believe, you may be surprised to find a holiday in Hawaii is within your budget.

Why Hawaii? This wonderful chain of islands offers some of the most amazing beaches in the world, and some of the best accommodation, too. We recommend you check out Maui beachfront rentals, as this stunning island has some of the best accommodation of all, and also one of the most enticing of the Hawaiian Islands. You think you couldn’t afford a beachfront villa in Maui? You will be very surprised when you compare the prices to a good hotel, and then add in the many benefits you get from having your own, easily accessible accommodation in a prime location.

Maui Beachfront Rentals

The beauty of a beachfront rental is many-fold; first, you get the convenience of being able to come and go as you please, rather than the restrictions that can come with a hotel. You can choose from self-catering or catered, so you have complete freedom as to when you want to eat. You can cook outdoors and enjoy the weather to the full, and you will most likely have access to a pool and other luxurious features. It’s a genuine home from home, where you can relax and enjoy Maui to the full.

Then, there’s the location; a beachfront rental will offer you stunning views and easy access to the beach itself, perhaps with a private section for you. You and your guests can come and go when they want, with just a short walk to the glorious sands of a Hawaiian beach. It’s a holiday you dreamed of, but never believed you could actually enjoy.

A couple of examples for you: Sunny Surf E301 is a stunning beachfront villa at Makena, one of the most glorious spots on Maui. You get accommodation for up to six people in three bedrooms, with all the amenities you need in the villa and others within easy reach. A stunning pool comes with this quite wonderful house, and a veranda with superb ocean views is a great place to host a barbecue for you and your fellow guests. All of this can be had for the price of a good hotel, and the benefits make it even more value.

Another example is Sea Shells Beach House, a quite spectacular residence that is located on a five-star resort that has access to one of the best beaches in the world. Sleeping up to six people, this is a truly magnificent residence that offers a real away from it all experience, and is one of the best of the many beachfront rentals on Maui. You have plenty of choice, and you will be surprised at the range of prices to fit every budget, so you have no excuses not to take your family on a Hawaiian holiday!

Beaches and More

For many visitors, the Hawaiian weather means a holiday on Maui is all about lying on the beach, or swimming or snorkelling in the clear blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. With many stunning coral reefs to explore, and a wealth of wonderful exotic wildlife to watch, Maui is a place that encourages you to get underwater and discover a whole new world. Taking a drink under the shade of a palm tree is as relaxing as it gets, and you will never tire of being a world away from the rigours and stress of daily life back at home.

For others, the joys of Maui involve the amazing volcanoes, wonderful rivers and waterfalls, and – of course – the amazing friendly welcome that this part of the world is famous for. The local cuisine involves a variety of dishes – seafood is a speciality, naturally for an island – and we recommend you try one of the many cafes and restaurants for the best eating experience in Hawaii.

Recommendations include the quaint and very charming Eskimo Candy, a hidden gem that is worth seeking out on a side street in Kihei. If you are lucky enough to get one of the few tables – you can eat in or outdoors – you can enjoy some of the best seafood, beef and chicken on the island, and if there are no tables, be sure to order a take-away as the food here really is unmissable.

Maui is a place that, once you have experienced it, you will want to come back. While only a small island, it packs a lot into its diminutive space, and there is a lot to be said for making the most of your time here by booking a beachfront rental for you and your family, or for a romantic break for two. Whatever you do, we assure you that you will enjoy the holiday of a lifetime in one of the most beautiful and welcoming places in the world.