Travelling to New York City is a dream of many people who enjoy exploring the world, and the large and fast-paced metropolis is an epicentre of culture, food, entertainment and creativity. It is very easy to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a trip to New York City, but travellers who like to keep their budgets low would be wise to learn from these travelling tips. Here are five ways to save money while visiting New York City, in no particular order. If you have already decided you want to go to the city that never sleeps, click here to get the latest deals on flights and hotels.


Walk Whenever Possible

Anybody who has seen a wide shot of the bustling streets of Manhattan or Brooklyn has seen avenues filled with taxicabs, a very popular and common mode of transportation in New York City. While the cabdrivers in New York City are some of the most skilled in the entire business, it is very easy to rack up costs by taking taxis to every destination. The city is a wonderful place to walk through, especially in the high-rise district and in and around Central Park. If the destination is simply too far to travel by foot, the subway is the cheapest method of transportation to use, and vast networks of underground canals connect all regions.

Street Vendors

Street vendors can be found on almost every major corner in certain parts of New York City, and the modern-day vendors serve up everything from traditional pizza and hot dogs to Asian and Mexican fusion dishes. Street vendors seek to sell their product quickly, and often do so by offering up incredible eats at very affordable prices.

Free Attractions

The aforementioned Central Park is an incredibly large piece of land located in the middle of Manhattan. A bevy of free recreational activities are available that will keep families busy for several hours without any cost whatsoever. Additionally, many museums and art galleries offer free public hours at some point during every week.

Avoid Big-name Hotels

There are three or four well-known spots in New York City that the rich and famous often patronize, but unless you want to spend a huge chunk of your budget on your accommodations, you should seek refuge elsewhere. The plain truth is that dozens of affordable and high quality hotel rooms exist in New York City, so don’t be fooled by common misconceptions.

Be Nightlife Knowledgeable

It is a very shocking feeling to wait in a long line to a popular New York City nightclub only to learn that the entry fee is $50 when you finally reached the door. Turning around and walking away can result in ultimate embarrassment, and forking over a picture of President Grant just to gain entry into a room is a quick way to break any vacation budget. Getting a hold of a local paper or promotional materials are great ways to get keyed into the specifics and avoid costly surprises.

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