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Summer Holidays: Location, location, location


To start planning your summer holiday it is often a good idea to have some sort of budget in mind. You can never spend too little unless you have certain requirements and standards from your hotel and resort, but if…

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5 Reasons People Want to Move Abroad

Travel Tips

Let’s face it, in an increasingly global world that is only an email or Skype chat away more and more people have the ability to move away from their home countries. And quite a few are jumping at the chance….

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Top Tips to Ensure a Fantastic Holiday Abroad


Everyone loves to go on holiday; it’s wonderful to spend some time away from the office and the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just relax for a bit. When traveling abroad for holiday things can get a bit…

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Why a Good Hotel Makes a Great Meeting Venue

Travel Tips

Increasingly popular, conferences and meetings are becoming more and more important to a business. Not only do they provide a thriving creative atmosphere that inspires innovation and progress, but they also can be used to build lasting business relationships. You…

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7 Things to try in Amsterdam

Europe, Holland

Amsterdam is a place of quaint buildings and historical beauty as well as offering hundreds of attractions ranging from weird to wacky and wonderful. It’s a place where I’ve always felt safe and welcome which for me, as a tourist,…

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Travel Trout gets a fresh look!

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It’s about time that Travel Trout got a new theme to keep it interested, so thought I’d update it, so if things start disappearing or moving around while you’re on the site, i’m probably working on it! Don’t worry, I’ll get…