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Oriental ski destinations

East Asia

There is nothing worse than excitedly planning your ski escape, only to spend most of your time queuing for the chair lift once you get there. The French Alps, Swiss mountains and snowy peaks of Canada have always been popular…

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Secluded sands of Tenerife


Ah, Tenerife. Its perfect beaches and beautiful scenery – surrounded by azure waves – are simply the epitome of the desert island paradise image we all share in our minds. Unfortunately, everyone knows it, and that’s why holidaymakers from across…

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The Manchester Food & Drink Festival


For all you foodies, the Manchester Food & Drink Festival is almost upon us. Based in the heart of one of the UK’s largest cities, the Manchester Food & Drink Festival is a nationally acclaimed event that has been running…

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Exploring Spain’s coastline


Spain is blessed with a mild climate and extensive stretches of beach and coastal areas bordering the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts of the country.  Add into this equation the beautiful Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, and the lively Balearic…

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The Mediterranean diet in Crete


Explore the Mediterranean Diet in Crete Crete, the largest of the Greek islands, has a rich, living history. It is known for its distinctive culture, including Mantinades poetry, music and dance. Crete was a cradle of civilisation, the home of…

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Happy caravanning this summer!

Travel Tips

Summer is here and caravanning can be a great way to get out there and explore some of the amazing sights that the UK has to offer. One of the best things about caravanning is that you have very few…

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The Best of Toronto Summer 2013


Toronto is Canada’s largest city and it’s one of the most exciting cities in the world. It’s a city where you can find anything that you’re looking for, set against fantastic natural city. It’s surely a must-visit. Here, we’ve put…

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Where to Propose in Las Vegas?


If you are scouting for places where you will finally kneel in front of your girlfriend and ask her to be with you forever, then we might just have the perfect places for you. Hailed by many couples who to…