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How to Make the Transition to Canada Simple


Canada – The Great White North – is the second largest country by total land mass in the world, and you’ll find it sitting just above the United States of America. For every year of the last decade or so,…

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Unusual Attractions in Marrakech


Many would say that all the attractions in Marrakech are unusual because the city has its own unique vibrancy and energy like no other place. However, this guide by cheapflights shows there are some sights and smells which, as a…

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The Zombie Apocalypse is Here


Get with the trend and try something new… become a zombie, or choose to be attacked by them! Sound like your idea of fun? Then read on… Literary history of the zombie dates back to around 5000 years ago, when…

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Fly me to the Med


How far will you go for Mediterranean sunshine? Obviously we’re not instigating or condoning criminal behaviour to secure a fantastic cheap or all inclusive holiday to the Med. No we’re just asking what’s your ideal flight time. Again not what…

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Best Hotels in Northern England


There are tons of hotels in Northern England; It also depends where you’re staying, and with so many options which hotel do you choose? Here are some of my favourite places to stay in different locations across the north of…

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Useful gifts for students

Travel Tips

Compared to the lot of students now, my student life was a doddle. Tuition fees were paid for, overdrafts were given out like sweets and you could have a decent night out for a tenner (aka a brown beer voucher)….

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Dangerous diving

Travel Tips

For those who love the thrill of adrenalin and water sports, diving presents a winning combination of both. With a wide variety of diving locations around the world, you can choose from some of the most exotic and beautiful spots…