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Fly me to the Med


How far will you go for Mediterranean sunshine? Obviously we’re not instigating or condoning criminal behaviour to secure a fantastic cheap or all inclusive holiday to the Med. No we’re just asking what’s your ideal flight time. Again not what…

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Best Hotels in Northern England


There are tons of hotels in Northern England; It also depends where you’re staying, and with so many options which hotel do you choose? Here are some of my favourite places to stay in different locations across the north of…

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Useful gifts for students

Travel Tips

Compared to the lot of students now, my student life was a doddle. Tuition fees were paid for, overdrafts were given out like sweets and you could have a decent night out for a tenner (aka a brown beer voucher)….

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Dangerous diving

Travel Tips

For those who love the thrill of adrenalin and water sports, diving presents a winning combination of both. With a wide variety of diving locations around the world, you can choose from some of the most exotic and beautiful spots…

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Tips on how to pack for holiday


One of the things that takes most people the longest to do when they are preparing to go on holiday is the packing and planning for what to pack. If this is something you tend to have a problem with,…

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UK’s Best Driving Roads – Video

Travel Tips

If you’re interested in a day out in your car on Britain’s roads, then this video is for you! Why not have a look and check out some of the UK’s best driving roads?!   This video was brought to…

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Top 5 Stag Party Locations in The World


Stag parties are crucial for every man, especially when they want to get married. Popularly known as bachelor parties, stag do’s or bull parties; stag parties have been around since time immemorial. People have them from generation to generation and…

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Alternative Holidays – Qatar

Middle East

When planning a holiday, people imagine lounging on the sun soaked beaches of the Caribbean or enjoying the sites of Paris.  But if you’re looking for a unique travel destination, then look no further than Qatar.  Nestled between the borders…