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The Shortest Haul Family Holidays


Sometimes a family holiday is less about the destination and more about just getting away for a while with those closest to you. When all that’s on your mind is a break from the humdrum of the daily routine, and…

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Do I really need travel insurance?

Travel Tips

Going abroad should be an unforgettable experience for all the right reasons… However, when something goes wrong, it can turn into a nightmare if you haven’t taken out the appropriate level of travel insurance cover. Fortunately though, it doesn’t take…

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Eating Out in Montreal


Montreal is well known as a gourmet delight with some of the best restaurants in the world and options spanning across all taste buds and all budgets. Food is highly important in the city’s social scene with a wide array…

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Post-Olympic Getaway


After the hustle and bustle of the Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer you may feel like a countryside break is just what you need to de-stress and recuperate. London can be a stressful place at any time of the…

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Five reasons to holiday in the UK


Attitudes towards holidaying in the UK have changed dramatically over the last few years. Some people can no longer afford to go abroad to the usual sun spots, some people want more from a holiday than just day after day…

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Golf courses in South Africa


Golfers flock to South Africa via travel companies like Mahlatini to enjoy a different kind of golfing experience. It’s easy to see why people travel so far and why South Africa has invested so much in golfing holidays. The scenery,…

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How to: Surf More! Spend Less!

Slider, UK

By no means is surfing a cheap activity. Any surfer will tell you that surfing burns a large hole in your pocket; in the shape of surf trips, equipment and the lifestyle that is accredited to it. I have been…

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The Great British Holiday: Blackpool


Blackpool – we all know it, and we all love it. Despite us Brits looking further afield in sunny climates and flying across oceans for our summer holidays, the Blackpool seafront town still continues to attract millions of visitors every…

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Have a Deserved Study Break: Lake Holidays in Europe


Even though the academic semester is just beginning, it doesn’t hurt to be proactive and plan ahead a bit. Especially when that planning is for a much-deserved study break. Get a group of friends together and start planning the perfect…