Your best girl is getting hitch and you are in charge of the hen party (or bachelorette party for those of you across the pond). If your best gal wants one wild last night of freedom, then you should plan to head to Shoreditch for an evening she won’t ever forget. Your crew of lively women will have the time of your life hopping from one pub to the next.

But, you want to have some fun too, right? This is why you should book a Shoreditch Pub Crawl and let someone else take charge. All you have to do is gather the ladies, get dolled up, and meet your pub crawl host for the Hen Party of the bride’s dreams. Not convinced? Let’s look at the reasons a pub crawl makes planning the hen party easy and fun.

Free Entry to 5 Bars

Booking a pub crawl guarantees entry into five exciting bars in the Shoreditch area. Shoreditch is a hip part of London where you will enjoy hanging with the local party crowd and dancing the night away. Rather than you having to plan each place your hen party will visit, the pub crawl host will take you from one destination to the next, so you just get to go along for the ride.

Free Shots & Drink Deals at Each Bar

A hen party is not a party without drinks. A pub crawl means you will enjoy drink after drink in bar after bar ensuring lots of laughter and mirth for the bride-to-be and her friends. Plus, a pub crawl includes a free shot to begin with at each bar followed by drink deals. Shoreditch bars are known for offering some of the best cocktails in London giving your party crew plenty of chances to imbibe.

Awesome Party Hosts

Pub crawl hosts are some of the liveliest and most engaging people you will ever meet. They know how to get people pumped up and ready to party – and they also know how to keep your crew safe. You will be encouraged to party and have a good time and your host will get you through the doors and to the bars easily and quickly.

If you want to make your hen party even more fun, you can add on party packages. Some of these pub crawl packages include a host who will make sure the bride-to-be and her girlfriends have fun with hen party challenges and private rooms for your party crew.

Your Own Photographer for the Evening

Finally, what happens at a hen party stays at a hen party – except for the pictures! A night this fun deserves to be photographed so the bride and her friends can revel in their memories for years to come. When you go on a pub crawl, there is a photographer all night long with your group documenting your best moments. No need for you to worry about keeping up with photos for the bride-to-be!