There are a number of things that we have always done exceptionally well here in the UK. Firstly, people travel from all over the world to have a suit made on Savile Row. British tailoring and style has always been impeccable and a big draw.


As well as this, we have historically always had some the best hotels in the world. You only have to mention the names The Ritz, The Savoy and Claridges to conjure up images of luxury, elegance and glamour.

British excellence in hospitality stems from a period when the Empire was the biggest the world had ever seen. Driven by the industrial revolution and Victorian idealism, London was the centre of the world and the great and good came from far and wide to see how we did things in Britain.


Maintaining luxury and charm

In recent decades, there has been a movement towards the modern in hotel design, with luxurious new and exciting developments springing up across the capital and throughout the country. However, very often it is the established hotels with their classical reliance on the finer things in life that maintain their reputations as the world’s best.

Some of the most reputable include: Stoke Park at only 45 minutes from London set in the beautifully landscaped gardens by Capability Brown, with a golf course and sumptuous spa; Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons which is famed for its double Michelin starred restaurant, run by the famous chef Raymond Blanc.

The classical and period style architecture of these great hotels gives them their elegant feel. Although one can only imagine what they must have to pay for the upkeep; sash windows repair is something that needs to be maintained to keep the hotels looking stately.

Of course, it is the quality of service combined with the stunning architecture and buildings that sets many UK hotels apart. The personalised and individual service that you get in the very top hotels makes the experience all the more enjoyable, and well worth the money you spend.

With world class facilities, beautiful grounds and buildings, and exemplary service, UK hotels lead the way across the world. Just like our tailoring never goes out of fashion, a top British hotel is the pinnacle of the hospitality industry.