You’re in London. You’re looking for look fabulous for a big night out and you only have one problem: “Where are the best hairdressers near me?” To save yourself from ever having to be in such a dire situation, I’ve had a look around town to find some of the quirkiest salons in London. So whether you’re looking for a perm, want perfect looking colour in your hair, or are just a guy needing his beard seen to, here are top salons worth a look.


Spot 1 – Pimps & Pinups in Spitalfields

When you have one salon in London and the other in New York, it’s a safe bet that you’ll be getting your hair done in a classy joint. And one such place trying to class things up a little is Pimps & Pinups. The average price for a cut is £40 and they offer all the usual cuts but are known widely for Olaplex treatments that are ideal for those who have gone to the well one too many times with hair dye and need to give their roots some much needed care.

Spot 2 – Muse of London in Fitzrovia

Calling yourself the most forward thinking salon in London is a little bit of a tall order, but the folks at Muse of London have a great reputation to fall back on. They are the only salon in the city to fully use Tigi products and have some of the best deal for hairdressers in London.

If you are in dire need of seeing a stylist they’ll often throw up last minute deals on their site when appointments cancel (and offer them as reduced rates). Also, if it’s your first time visiting the salon, they’ll give you 25% off if you proudly tell them you’re a newbie.


Spot 3 –Flaxton Ptootch in Kentish Town

How do you know when a hair salon is trendy? When people don’t know how to pronounce it of course! Flaxton Ptootch is a salon and art gallery; making for a unique experience where you can get your hair cut and stare at some lovely modern art. I wouldn’t recommend taking inspiration from some of the paintings though or you could up end with a fringe going all angles.

Spot 4 – Jack The Clipper in Various Locations

I’d be remiss of course if I didn’t mention a barber for the gents and one which prides itself on being a little bit out there and quirky is Jack The Clipper. With three locations in Spitalfields, Mayfair and Brick Lane (and soon to be a fourth in Bow Lane) you can get a really good back and sides by a top barber for just under £20. And for any guys with a beard they need to tame, you can get The Closest Shave Of Your Life with an old-school cut throat razor that they say provides an “immaculate” shave. Although that’s up for debate when we’re talking about a salon named after Jack The Ripper.

Spot 5 – Kajzo in Shoreditch

What would a blog in London about quirky locations be like if I didn’t mention Shoreditch? Roughly translated in Japanese to mean transform, Kajzo is run by an Italian and Japanese duo that have had one of the top salons in Shoreditch since opening in 2006.

They’re known for being one of the best spots in town to get a perm if you’re brave enough to rock one, and specialise in tint regrowth for those looking to keep on top of their usual look. For students there’s also the added benefit of 10% off with an NUS card.