Written by Chris McMahon

Myrtle Beach is known for its excellent weather, and it is the thought of long hot days on the beach that attracts so many people here every year. Unfortunately, it cannot always be sunny, and if you wake up one morning on your holiday to find it raining it can be really disappointing. However, there is no need to worry. There are also plenty of indoor activities to enjoy here, and you can leave the outdoor attractions like the Boardwalk and the Myrtle Waves Water Park for another day. Here are some of the best indoor attractions to keep in mind on your holiday in Myrtle Beach.


1. Children’s Museum of South Carolina

This is one of the top attractions for families in Myrtle Beach, so it is definitely one to consider even if it does not rain at all. It is packed full of interactive exhibits that aim to provide children with a fun yet educational experience where they can learn all about topics such as science and technology. It’s also good fun for adults, so check it out during your holiday.

2. Backstage Mirror Maze

There are many Myrtle Beach hotels located throughout the city, and no matter where you are staying you will be able to visit the top attractions as they are never far away. One of the most unique attractions of all is the Backstage Mirror Maze.

This attraction takes you back in time to 1933 New York. After a robbery carried out by the Mafia, you will find yourself backstage in a Broadway theatre helping the police to find the gang within the maze. Trap doors, corridors and many twists and turns await, and you’ll all have a great time getting lost. There is also another attraction here called The Vault where you turn into the thief and have to try to make your way through the security beams in the bank’s vault to escape to freedom.

3. MagiQuest

MagiQuest is an interactive role-playing attraction where you get to go on a magical adventure and solve puzzles along the way. Any Harry Potter fan will love it because you have to use a magic wand throughout the experience, which helps you to control the game. Kids will have a great time so check it out for yourself.

4. Wonderworks

This is another popular attraction that contains a large number of scientific exhibits for all ages. It is based on the premise that it was a scientific laboratory picked up in a tornado and transported from its island in the Bermuda Triangle, and the exhibits will provide a fun and educational afternoon for everyone.

5. Ripley’s Aquarium

This aquarium claims to be the most-visited attraction in South Carolina, and it is certainly a great day out. As well as being a fantastic aquarium with an incredible variety of sea life to discover, there are also special experiences like swimming with stingrays and some excellent live shows. There are also petting areas, a pirate area and glass tunnels to walk through.

Enjoy Your Stay Come Rain or Shine

There is plenty to do in Myrtle Beach whatever the weather. You’d be unlucky to get too many rainy days, so save the outdoors attractions for another day and enjoy all of the above activities when the weather is not so great.