Even if you have booked up your holiday accommodation and flights, there could be a number of effective ways that you could save some money before you leave for your chosen destination.  There are various ideas, as covered in the This Is Money article, from saving money when you buy foreign currency to sending your bags ahead of you and airport parking.


Saving On Foreign Currency

You may not know this, but the most expensive way to get your foreign currency is from the airport itself, where you could receive around 10% less foreign currency compared to if you exchanged your pounds at a different vendor.  This could mean that if you are exchanging £1000, you could lose a total of £100 exchanging at the airport.  The best exchange rates for GBP to foreign currency are found on companies that operate online.  If you want to pursue this money lending tip, use comparison websites for currency such as TravelMoneyMax and MyTravelMoney.  Actual companies that offer the most competitive and best exchange rates are No.1 Currency, Travel Premier And Travel FX among others.


Send Your Luggage Ahead Of You

There can be fewer things more infuriating and disheartening than starting your holiday on a low when you find that you have exceeded the maximum baggage allowance and have to spend a extortionate fee to even get on your flight because of this.  Rather than suffer the sting of unscrupulous airlines looking to make more money on top of their seemingly low price tickets, you should consider a luggage courier service such as Send My Bag.  The service involves a door to door from your home to your destination service that aims to make it easier and more cost effective for you, also reducing the stress associated with air travel.


Find Better Travel Insurance Cover

Although it may seem like a waste of money, travel insurance is one of the most important investments you should not scrimp on when travelling abroad.  If you do not have adequate cover and suffer an injury or illness while travelling somewhere foreign, you may have to pay an extremely expensive hospital or doctor’s bill.  One of the most important things to remember when choosing an insurance policy is not to be tempted to just settle for the cheapest policy you can find.

Some important components and coverage you should look for include – cover for if you need to be flown back home for specialist treatment, if you suffer from a sudden illness and have to cancel your holiday and a variety of other options.  The best way to work out exactly what you want is by looking at a variety of them as templates, making a list of all the things you want covered and then taking that information to the insurance companies.


Save On Airport Parking

The charges for parking at airports can often total more than the actual flight itself, unless you are smart about it  By booking in advance as recorded by Airport Parking Shop, you can save as much as 60% off the standard price for an airport parking expense.  Rather than just opting for the airport’s own service, you need to use a site like the above to look at a wide range of airports and the suppliers they use to find you the best deal.