Ah, Tenerife. Its perfect beaches and beautiful scenery – surrounded by azure waves – are simply the epitome of the desert island paradise image we all share in our minds. Unfortunately, everyone knows it, and that’s why holidaymakers from across the world flock there every summer – as well as theĀ abundance of cheap flights to Tenerife. That’s all right for those who like their beaches busy, but some people might find themselves staying away from Tenerife to avoid overly-packed stretches of coastline.


There’s no need to avoid the island for fear of[ only finding beaches lined with the burnt-pink bodies of tourists, lined up next to one another like sardines. Tenerife has its fair share of secluded spots – read on for some of the best examples.

Playa Bollullo

They say to find the best places, you only need to follow the locals and this is certainly true of Playa Bollullo. Lodged into the cliffs and largely ignored by visitors, this gorgeous stretch of dark volcanic sand is having none of the regimented sun loungers you’ll find at the popular resort beaches. Bring a towel and beware the waves – ask the lifeguard before swimming.

Playa de la Tejita

For a golden beauty, Playa de la Tejita is the place to go. Nicknamed South Tenerife’s most beautiful secret beach and set against a backdrop of mountains and jungle, it’s a deserted piece of paradise. There’s even a small shack serving up ice-cold refreshments for those enjoying the tranquility.

Playa San Marcos

This rocky bay is situated near a fishing port and the locals love it. Spread a towel out over the grey sand and nestle down with a good book and an MP3 player for some well-deserved sun worshipping. Failing that, sit up on one of the gigantic rocks and see if you can spot dolphins on the horizon.

Playa San Juan

Many secluded beaches don’t have the facilities you’ll find at the popular resort ones. Playa San Juan bridges the gap – offering lots of good-quality restaurants, bars and toilets within walking distance, but it’s far enough from the popular holiday hotspots that it’s often very quiet. The people of the local village are exceptionally friendly – especially if you try out your lingo skills with a spot of Spanish.


The secluded coves of Abades are just begging to be explored by an intrepid holidaymaker. You have to head away from the restaurants and facilities in order to find the quietest spots, but it’s only a short walk along the cove before the crowds start to thin out. Abades is particularly good if you like to indulge in a spot of nudist sunbathing.

El Puertito

Despite being situated just along from tourist resorts Costa Adeje and Playa de Las Americas, El Puertito manages to sneak under the radar of many people who visit Tenerife. Set in a little cove of its own, just beyond a tiny fishing hamlet, it’s a great place for watching the little boats bob gently in the water.