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Rave in Ibiza or Beach Parties in Thailand

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When you’re deciding where to spend your holiday, one of your top considerations should be where you can get the biggest bang for your buck. Beach holidays are especially important to plan for, as the cost of ocean-front hotels and…

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How to: Surf More! Spend Less!

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By no means is surfing a cheap activity. Any surfer will tell you that surfing burns a large hole in your pocket; in the shape of surf trips, equipment and the lifestyle that is accredited to it. I have been…

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The underrated beaches of Cape Town

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When it comes to beaches, Cape Town in South Africa is a hidden gem of untapped beauty. The stunning sand covered coasts of Cape Town remain largely underrated and are populated mostly by locals. The peninsula of Cape Town is…

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Subterranean Adventure in England

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The UK is well known for its beautiful landscapes and quaint country villages, but did you know that there is a whole other world underneath the ground? Networks of natural caves and subterranean cold war bunkers hide beneath the rolling…