Madrid is arguably one of Europe’s best party cities, which is an accolade well deserved for it’s eclectic, buzzing and non-stop nightlife. Everyone is catered for till the sun breaks the next day and don’t expect to leave before it’s light. Nearly every single barrio contributes to the vivacious evenings and as dusk creeps in the Madrilenos come out to play.

madrid night light

Once you’ve booked your flights, hotel and travel insurance, you’ll want to enjoy some of Europe’s best nightlife. So for your next trip to the Spanish capital, we’ve compiled a diverse list of just some of the clubber delights the city has to offer.

Kapital a huge mainstream club

A renowned mega club in Madrid, Kapital, is not intimate or refined but provides a top quality night spread across seven floors, playing an assortment of music genres. It is a beast of a club and inside revelers can enjoy cocktail bars, karaoke, hip-hop, salsa, soul, dance and the chill out lounges. The crowd is drawn from all over Madrid and attracts locals, tourists and expats with its pumping beats, flashy exterior and the promise of dancing till the sun rises.

Villa Rosa the longest standing club in Madrid

For club with a history and a façade that’s beauty could be considered an attraction in itself, visit none other than Villa Rosa. We are surprise the floors are not worn thin from all the tango feet that have stomped their way through the night here. The club has appeared in Pedro Almodovar’s 90s film Tacones Lejanos so remember your boogying to movie worthy ground. The music reflects the energy of Madrid and captures the fast paced, up-all-night personality of this city.

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Nasti Club underground and inconspicuous

If you like clubs off the radar and only discoverable by word-of-mouth then the place for you is Nasti. Be warned, from the front you would have no idea you’re at the right spot, as a run down, graffiti wall with no sign confronts you. Inside the tunes are a devout collection of grungy 1970s pop, rock and punk. Nicer than it sounds this club appeals to a wide crowd

Moma a flashy celebrity-spotting hangout           

A note of caution, you may want to don your Gucci or Prada gear before stepping into this achingly trendy club for the clientele is the flashiest in Madrid. Join small time celebrities and designer label fanatics in the red padded walled interior and dance with sophistication under the red lights to the coolest beats.

Almonte for flamenco

If you have flamenco in your heart and the urge to stomp and spin this is the best club to try out your moves. The whitewashed front is reminiscent of Andalucía and pays homage to the home of flamenco. Watch dancers with sevillanas strut downstairs and if the mood takes you and you’ve courage on your side join the young flamenco dancers.

madrid building

El Son South American style

A magnetic for South Americans in Madrid this club illuminates the hearts of those passionate for tango, merengue and salsa. Playing the top Latin tunes and DJ’s that will have you twisting and whirling all night this fiery place is not to be missed.