To start planning your summer holiday it is often a good idea to have some sort of budget in mind. You can never spend too little unless you have certain requirements and standards from your hotel and resort, but if you spend too much on your hotel and travel arrangements then it can leave you uncomfortably short during the holiday itself. Package holidays are often very competitive and can provide one price for all so you don’t find yourself caught out with air taxes and the like. Look at package holidays with Thomas Cook for instance. You’ll get return flights, accommodation, resorts transfers and the support of a locally based representative, complete with the peace of mind that you’re travelling with a well-established tour operator.

With tour operators you’ll also get the full spectrum of choice including a wide range of locations and resorts often at rock bottom prices, so it is worth having a good look at the websites to gauge and compare prices. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Once you have decided how much you want to spend you can then start the fun bit of browsing the reams of holiday listings. If you are looking for something cheap and cheerful then the Balearics are great value and offer good weather and beaches with plenty of activities. For a similar holiday but with a bit more intrigue then try Bodrum, Turkey. It has plenty of history and culture along with a lively nightlife and plenty of beaches to laze on. For something special then how about the Caribbean? If you think its clichéd, then yes, it is a default destination for anyone wanting a special holiday. But that’s because it’s close to paradise, and you will be truly spoilt rotten.

One of the essentials is making sure that the destination you choose will suit all of those who are going. Then you can book happy in the knowledge that you will all have a wonderful summer holiday and come back feeling fully refreshed, safe in the knowledge that is was money well spent.