Black cabs are a well known feature of London, and there are remarkably few people that do not know about their popularity. The moment you enter the city, you will be impressed at the sheer numbers of these taxis on the streets. They are located outside train and tube stations, attractions, restaurants and all vital landmarks.


Visiting London is exciting, but can be confusing, especially if you want to see many different things in a concentrated time. Therefore, you need to plan well, and decide the best way to get about and see everything. Regardless of the time that you have in the city, you should take a black cab tour as they are captivating and entertaining.

The knowledge that these drivers have is staggering, and there is remarkably little that they do not know about the city. Whether you want an insight into the best places to visit, or some celebrity gossip these are the people to speak to whilst in the city. The tours are run by professional companies and all drivers are required to carry their PCO licence.

This licence is essential, and can make a massive difference to the experience that you have on the tour. Black cab drivers go through far more than any other taxi driver, and their experience is invaluable. You can receive a personal tour of the major landmarks, and enjoy every moment in the comfort of the back seat of the cab.

You will visit the Houses of Parliament, St Pauls Cathedral, Trafalgar Square before moving onto the shopping Mecca that is Oxford Street. London is packed full of exciting sights, and places to visit which is why it is so appealing. Millions of people from all over the world travel to London every day to experience the magnificent atmosphere.

The tours are incredibly flexible, and you can choose your top destinations and the driver will include them in the route. You can stop where ever you want, for a photo opportunity, or to explore the area further.  The driver will provide a full commentary of where you are in the city, and what there is to see and do at every place.

This has fast become the ultimate way to see the city, and more people than ever before are choosing black cabs as their mode of tour transport. You will build up a relationship with the driver, and enjoy his banter and humour as you drive.  When you go home, you will remember him as much as everything that you have seen in the city.

Every part of London will be opened up, and available for you to explore with ease. You will not need to rely on map reading, and struggling to find different locations. You can easily book a tour, sit back and enjoy everything that London has to offer. Whether you are there for a day or longer, the black cab tour must be placed on your list of to do activities.