Tahiti South Pacific Island

Name an island with the most extraordinaire, apparent exquisiteness, possessing the most beautiful spots in the globe; give up? it would have to be Tahiti. Tahiti is situated in the South Pacific Ocean. Tahiti always rings a bell in anyone’s ears because when talking about vacation getaway, Tahiti is the perfect destination.

The attractions of this island include pristine beaches, shaded palm groves, and lagoons among others. People especially nature lovers will appreciate the splendour displayed in front of them. Not only does it have scenic views, you can also have the out of the ordinary nightlife experience and get a taste of the sea foods that only Tahiti can offer. Top it off with world class hotels that can provide you a satisfying stay offered at the lowest price; no wonder Tahiti is a tourist-magnet. Not only is Tahiti ideal for family retreat, Tahiti is a paradise island for lovers and honeymooners because of its romantic atmosphere. In fact, Tahiti is coined as “The Island of Love”.

The attractions that Tahiti is well-known for are the Tahiti beaches. These blissful beaches make French Polynesia as beach lovers’ heaven. On Tahiti’s main island, you can encounter some fantastic black sand beaches, like Lafayette Beach, which is adorned with abundant tropical vegetation. There is another black sand beach, though, that is preferred by the locals, named Point Venus Beach, where they love to play on the black sand. Point Venus also has an attractive lighthouse. There are white sand beaches in Tahiti too, located in the south-west coast.

There is another fascinating attraction that you can’t afford to miss. On the south side of Tahiti, there is a place specially designed for lovers of fishes and to entertain the whole family. This place is called the Tahiti Lagoonarium, which is an amalgamation of an aquarium and a fish park. You will walk into a glass-walled, aquarium-like structure and witness a display of several species of fishes.

The true eye candy is the enthralling sight of different pearls found in the Musee de la Perle Robert Wan, with the portrayal of their antiquity, the art or means of culturing the pearls, and legends of these precious gems. Another museum to be is the Museum of Tahiti and its Islands on the West Coast. This museum possesses one of the most abundant collections of the Pacific. The museum exhibits the story of Polynesia, its beginnings to its progress. There are four exhibit rooms fanatical to nature and maohi culture.

Of course, any trip would not be absolute without a visit to the market. The market of choice is the Papeete Municipal Market which is multi-coloured and has an aromatic scent. There you can purchase quality and authentic handcrafted products and hand engraved items. You can also come across the popular Monoi, and have the chance to smell the vanilla aroma and to savour the jams. There are also different fishes, plus anytime of the day, you can purchase lovely tropical flowers from vendors wearing traditional suits.

Want a vacation destination wherein the attractions will melt your heart and captivate your heart, mind and soul? Try Tahiti. And just like others, you’ll be drawn to its beauty, because the attractions of Tahiti are a slice of South Pacific Paradise.

Written by Mike who writes for www.worldwidetravelguide.co.uk and enjoys blogging about his adventures at www.globaltravelguide.co.uk you can follow him on twitter @payt