Blackpool – we all know it, and we all love it. Despite us Brits looking further afield in sunny climates and flying across oceans for our summer holidays, the Blackpool seafront town still continues to attract millions of visitors every year. You just can’t beat the good old British fish and chips on Blackpool’s sandy beaches. With the economy in the first double-dip recession since 1975, you can’t help but think closer to home when planning your summer holidays. With some fantastic hotels in Blackpool that are great value for money and situated smack bang in the centre of Blackpool – you can be placed right where all the traditional British fun begins.

The iconic Blackpool Tower is one of the greatest British tourist attractions and it really shows. The tower was completed in 1894 and last year, maintenance was completed to give the tower some well deserved tender loving care. It re-opened on 1st September 2011 with a massive 10,000 light bulbs restored to bring the tower back to it’s former glory. The tower is once again a must-see attraction, especially after the tough job of renovating. The Walk of Faith – two thick sheets of laminated glass – is a great experience. Look down on the buildings below if you dare; just make sure you’re not afraid of heights! Underneath the Blackpool Tower is the Tower Ballroom which has been host to the grand finals of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing on two occasions.

In the building between the four legs of the tower, you can’t miss the Tower Circus. It’s a unique venue for a spectacular show – which is Mooky vs Boooffalo Bill up until 4th November. As the name suggests, it’s a wild west themed show with amazing acts such as the Russian Swing, Wire Walking, Russian Bar, Horizontal Bar and the infamous Water Finale. Enjoy this terrific show and munch on some yummy candy floss; you can never be too old to enjoy candy floss! It’s a great outing for all the family, but make sure you book online and arrive early to collect your tickets – the queues build up fast.

You simply cannot miss the spectacular Blackpool Illuminations that are shining brightly from 31st August to 4th November this year. Seeing this at night is simply magical and is known as the greatest free light show on earth. To give you a few statistics, the Lights (as they are known locally) have cable and wiring that stretches more than 200 miles, and costs £2.4 million to put on. During the sixty six day long constant illumination, the lights consume around 960,000 units of electricity, and the whole lot stretches for around 6 miles from Starr Gate to Bispham.

When you’re thinking of your holiday later this year, don’t think expensive flights to an exotic country and the hassle of airport taxes, security, transfers and all that rigmarole – think British. Think the best – Blackpool. It has so much more to offer, and it’s not more than a few hours drive from most places in good old Blighty.