The Provence region is one of the most beautiful regions of France. It is located in the vicinity of Alps mountains that gives it a special character. It has a variety of gardens and parks especially wonderful, full of greenery and fresh air .If you want to visit this sort of things to see you can chose the Cubist Garden of the Villa Noailles or the Parc Saint-Bernard. This park is opened nowadays for tourists and for inhabitants of France to can visit it. It has a variety of trees but first of all has native Mediterranean plants like rosemary and many other aromatic herbs. This kind of landmarks gives you peace in your soul after you visit them.

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Another place to visit in Provence is Marseille, a beautiful city with a wonderful open sea view. If you go there do not forget to try bouillabaisse, a specific dish which contains many kinds of fish, vegetables and traditional spices from Provence.
Les Baux is also a marvellous place to visit. It is a stone village that attracts attention and makes you be curious and also makes you want to find out how it looks closer. On the valley are olive plantations which gave to artists a lot of inspiration for their works.
You must visit also the markets from Provence because these are the richest markets in fresh and tasty traditional products like olives, different types of cheese and spices and many others. When you go on a market in Provence you will feel a variety of irresistible smells and you will want to buy a little of all.

Provence is also known for the huge plantations of lavender which it is used like a spice, in the perfume industry and in many others. The plantations of lavender are specific for the Provence region of France.
An important reason to visit Provence is four its cuisine. The Provence cuisine is based on Mediterranean flavours which are unique. The main ingredients that define this cuisine are olives and olive oil, garlic, seafood’s, lamb and the specific fruits like peaches, grapes, apricots and so on. Ratatouille is a specific dish based on a variety of vegetables which is native from Nice. From the Provence cuisine not missing Herbs de Provence which contains many dried aromatic herbs. The cuisine of each country is unique but the Provence cuisine must be tried.
At the same time French people are very friendly and sociable with the foreign people who came to visit the Provence region of France.

You need to visit the Provence region of France because it has a lot to offer. In the Provence region of France you will find everything you want from a vacation. It has many different landmarks to visit from parks and gardens to beautiful cities with an interesting history and traditional markets.

You would not regret that you have chosen Provence like tourist destination for your holiday because there everything is marvellous, interesting and worth to be seen.