Things to See when Staying in Kent

If you are tired of all the usual tours that you usually go to, then
it’s time that you follow a more unconventional route in looking for things to see when staying in Kent. It would please you to know that Kent is full of historic places that are downright spooky. Instead of going for something fun, why don’t you follow the subsequent route and allow yourself to tread into the unknown?

The Ghostly Inn

The Chequers Inn is located in Doddington, Swale. It is rich in history and is considered as one of the oldest places where you can stay in Kent. Its bedrooms have been preserved and modelled according to the style of the times when it was originally built. Its doors naturally creak and its floors seem to give the impression of instability because of its slight downward angle. All of these come together to provide the kind of comfort only a home can bring. All rooms also provide great views in the direction of a quaint nearby village. Not everyone stays here and there is plenty of affordable holiday homes in this area. There are stories of a civil war soldier who frequent the place. It is said that he was a guest of the Inn once but because he was too drunk, he was unable to defend himself from a robber and met his early demise.

The Most Haunted Village

Pluckley is known all over England as the most haunted village. It houses Elvey Farm, which is one of the best things to see when staying in Kent but you might not have the heart to tell all your friends about it because you just want to keep it all to yourself. It is said to be home to several ghosts, including a poltergeist who has the knack of scaring visitors whenever it starts to turn the light on and off in the kitchen area. The ghost of a farmer by the name of Edward Brett is also known to frequent the old dairy. There is also a ghost of an old man who keeps on wandering the staircase.

The Spooky Georgian Hotel

You can get a guest accommodation in the Hamlets Hotel if you have the guts. It is said to be one of the most haunted places in Kent. Although the place has already been restored into a grand Georgian Hotel, there are still stories about the strange things that happen in it and the sightings of a girl who is often seen waiting on the grounds. She is known as Charlotte, an unfortunate servant who fell in love. She had a child with the grounds keeper but when she lost it, she also lost her mind and took her own life. The hotel has been made to reflect the opulence of the Georgian era. Its rooms are large and boast of 200-year-old four-poster beds.

Jack the Ripper Tour in London

In order to top your spooky experience with one of the most famous destinations in England, you should go straight to Whitechapel and participate in the Jack the Ripper tour in London. The best way to go through the tour is to follow and track the exact locations of the murders. You should not miss employing the services of tour guides so that you will be able to hear all the gruesome details while standing on the exact grounds where it actually happened. Osborne Street is where the first murder was committed and should be the first stop of your tour. This was where Emma Smith was slain. Next stop is at Gunthorpe Street where the murder of Martha Tabram was committed. Third stop is at the Hanbury Street where Annie Chapmen met her horrible demise. As you progress with the Jack the Ripper tour, you will know about the letters that Jack the Ripper wrote to the authorities. You should also be able to go to the Christ Church and the Ten Bells since they are highly noteworthy in the story of Jack the Ripper. Aside from these common sites, you will also be brought to other locations that are parts of the horrific history of Whitechapel.

By following a tour that is out of the ordinary, you will surely have more stories to tell when you get home.