The vacation vs the staycation, the eternal dilemma these days, which is cheaper or better, read below to find out.

10.       Static caravans are spacious and there all year to enjoy. Renting, or even owning one of them means never having to find space at home to keep a smaller touring caravan.

9.         Caravans these days are not the cramped, rickety things they were in the 70’s and 80’s. Now they’re super plush and just like fancy hotel suites. They’ve got plasma TVs, fully fitted kitchens, plush carpets, private bedrooms and some even have their own garden space for barbeques.

7.         You can organise your holiday according to your own schedule. Most activities and events at campsites run at a variety of times to you can pick and choose and come and go as you please.

8.         You don’t have to go far to do something cool. Nowadays caravan parks have unbelievable facilities. Within a ten minute walk of your van you could be having a go at archery, fencing, zip wires, roller blading or horse riding. Or, you could be building sandcastles on the beach, skimming stones in the sea, whooshing down a chute in a water park, getting your knowledge tested at a gameshow or tackling your caravan neighbours in a wrestling bout.

6.         You can take not only your immediate, but your extended family – something that is either too impractical, expensive or impossible to agree on if you want to have a get together overseas.

5.         Holidays in caravan parks are more often than not, cheaper than not only overseas holidays, but holidays anywhere in the UK where you have to pay for accommodation. And, not only do you save money on somewhere to stay, but on travel too. If you stay at a caravan park in the UK you can take your own car, meaning you can go and see local places without having to pay extra for public transport which can be costly if it’s for the whole family.

4.         Did you know that you can get a caravan park within an hour or two or your house? There are sites all over the country, though for obvious reasons, some of the best are along the coastline.

3.         More often than not, evening entertainment is laid on. This could be a band, some karaoke, a magic act or maybe some dancing classes.

2.         There are no anxieties about jabs, language barriers, dicky tummies, accidents, flight delays or even flying when you go to a caravan park.

1.         If you buy a static caravan, you can go on holiday whenever you like and stay there ‘til you’ve had enough.

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