New York City is definitely not your average type of metropolis. It’s special with every bit, and it manages to impress tourists every single time with its unusual places of interest. All its attractions and landmarks are one of a kind, but there are a few attractions that are even more interesting and appealing simply because they’re slightly odd. So, those who want to have an exceptional vacation in New York City must take the unusual tour. Besides visiting well known sights, they could also try to see some of the weirdest things in the city.

Tourists must definitely start with the “Ripley’s Believe it or not Odditorium” in Times Square. The venue is located on 234 West 42nd Street and it’s one of the strangest venues in New York City. This museum features unusual and odd collections and bizarre events. Besides the museum, the Odditorium also includes a book series, radio, comic books and television. The collections encompass 100,000 cartoon panels, 30,000 artifacts and 20,000 photographs. “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” is opened all year and it features a piece from the Berlin Wall, 24 shrunken heads and a meteorite among many other strange things.

The tour continues with the African Burial Ground on 290 Broadway in Manhattan. This is a cemetery lasting from the pre-Revolutionary period. The site is commemorated with a public art featured in the building’s lobby. Here, people can admire 6 African art pieces. This is believed to be the only urban African cemetery in North America.

Seeing New York City from above the skyscrapers is a unique experience. Visitors can choose to do this by renting the services of a helicopter, but what about a hot air balloon ride? This is certainly a trip no one will ever forget. It would be quite strange to see a balloon above New York City, but it is an experience that should not be missed. Tourists can have unique tours in a colorful hot air balloon that will offer them a unique vision over the city. All they have to bring with them is a smile, a friend and a camera.

Talking about the sky, how about a dinner in the sky? Those who are tired of the ordinary meals at the restaurant can opt for this special event. This unique restaurant is situated 50 meters above the ground and features music, poker and bridge games, dinner, cocktail and even dancing. There is absolutely nothing more appealing than having dinner in the open air, above all the skyscrapers and admiring the amazing New York at the same time.

Last but not least, people should try the New York Shooting Trips. This is one of the weirdest tours in the city. It will take tourists to an indoor rifle range in Manhattan where they can shoot all day long. They will be given a gun and they are going to benefit from safety lessons and 50 – shot instructions. Throughout the day, visitors will have bourbon, scotch and whiskey tasting and they will finish with a cocktail.

Written by Ioana, on behalf of, providers of New York holiday rentals.