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A nation well-known for its distinct regional cuisines, each of India’s states have their own unique take on the country’s culinary traditions – and Kolkata is no exception. Meander your way through this vibrant subcontinental city and you’ll soon find yourself experiencing all the flavourful and fascinating foods Kolkata has to offer, from spicy prawn curries and refreshing fruit kulfis to the city’s very own creation: kathi rolls.

Hungry for an adventure? Follow Park Plaza Kolkata Ballygunge’s food guide and discover the best restaurants in Kolkata one bite at a time.

Nizam’s Restaurant

24 Hogg Street, New Market, Kolkata

Founded in 1932, this historic restaurant holds the title of Kolkata’s khati roll pioneer, inventing this now world-famous meal as a portable solution for its patrons. Filled to the brim with your choice of chicken, egg, mutton or paneer, these soft and chewy Indian flatbreads make it easy to sample one of the city’s most sought-after dishes on the go.

Maharaja Chaat Centre

Kavi Bharati Sarani, Hemanta Mukherjee Sarani, Lake Terrace, Ballygunge, Kolkata

Nestled in a quiet street near Kolkata’s bustling Southern Avenue, this locally-loved phuchkawalla makes a claim for the best phuchkas in town, serving up hundreds of potato-filled parcels each day. Conveniently located mere moments from Vivikendada Park, the Maharaja Chat Centre is the perfect venue to enjoy Koklkata’s most famous street food with a view.

6 Ballygunge Place

6 Ballygunge Place, Kolkata

A cultural experience that extends well beyond the plate, 6 Ballygunge Place combines traditional Bengali cuisine with spectacular colonial architecture. Housed in a 100-year old mansion, this fine dining destination specialises in a variety of fish and vegetable-based meals, with favourites like doi rona (fish in yogurt gravy) and bhuna chingri (spicy prawn curry) topping the list of must-try dishes.

Park Plaza Kolkata Ballygunge

Park Plaza, Mother Teresa Sarani, Taltala, Kolkata

Home to six bars and restaurants specialising in a wide range of cuisines, you don’t have to stray far from your suite to get a taste of Kolkata when you stay at Park Plaza Kolkata Ballygunge. Whether you sample a delicious fusion of Chinese and Thai flavours at Nyonyang, savour tandoori barbeque dishes at Smoke Shack or enjoy Indian and Mediterranean specialties at K-19, Park Plaza’s extensive offering of on-site restaurants and bars put the city’s best bites on your doorstep.

Ganguram Grand Sons

84A Sambhu Nath Pandit Street, Bhowanipore, Kolkata

Once you’ve eaten your way through the city’s extensive selection of savoury dishes, delight your sweet tooth at Ganguram Grand Sons. Specialising in deep-fried pastries known as rasgulla, this decades-old institution is the ideal place to discover a more indulgent side of Kolkata’s traditional cuisine.

Vardaan Market

25A, Camac Street, Kolkata

Rather dig in to a dessert on the lighter side? Visit the stall holders near Vardaan Market to sample kulfi – a frozen, milk-based treat enhanced with flavours like mango, sapodilla and more. Akin to iced desserts like ice cream and gelato, this refreshing delicacy is the perfect way to soothe the palate after a spicy meal.

Discover the best of the city’s Bengali cuisine when you stay at Park Plaza Kolkata Ballygunge. Afforded with an enviable location and a wide array of bars and restaurants on site, Park Plaza makes it easy to sample the delicacies of this unique cuisine on your own schedule.