Amsterdam, capital city of the Netherlands, has a lot to offer to visiting tourists. Internationally the city is well known for it’s liberal policy regarding drugs and sex, which makes for a very specific kind of tourism in the city. A striking example is the number of Britts coming to Amsterdam specifically for this liberal drug policy. But although it is a main reason for many tourists there’s much more to see and do in Amsterdam.


Top activities and sights in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Canals

When in Amsterdam be sure to explore the canals on a canal cruise. Slowly travelling by boat through the city will give you a great look on the beautiful bridges and historical buildings.

The Anne Frank House

Learn about the life of Anne Frank and visit the house where she hid and wrote her world famous diary. Shortly after the war the Anne Frank Foundation was founded and saved the house from demolition.


This museum is the place where the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn lived from 1639 till 1658. The year he moved in is the same year he painted ‘The Night Watch’.

The Red Light District

Have a look at where the prostitus conduct there business. Sitting behind glass, often decorated with red lights, they present themselves to potential customers.

The Rijksmuseum

One of the most important and larges museums in the Netherlands. One of the highlights is the painting ‘The Night Watch’ of Rembrandt.


This beautiful city park is named afther the poet Joost van den Vondel, of whom you’ll also find a statue in the park. The park is often used for open air theater and concerts.

The Amsterdam Dungeon

Have a look at the dark history of Amsterdam and learn about secrets of Rembrandt and executioner Peter Titelmann. Not suited for young children.


Since 1838 the most famous Zoo in the Netherlands.