Travel Europe Without Leaving a Carbon Footprint

Global warming is something that the world is more or less talking about too much. It is a very important point, and reducing your carbon footprint is the best way to do your bit. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t enjoy a yearly holiday and also be energy efficient. From walking to cycling to skiing, there are numerous possibilities within Europe.

Train travel is growing in popularity, and when you consider that it uses between 70 to 90 percent less carbon than flying, it is the perfect continent to explore. From lowering your energy usage in the home to tidying your property and getting rid of things like selling unwanted DVDs with musicMagpie there are also numerous ways of being energy efficient when saving up for your break.


Tour de France is coming to close, and cycling is increasing in popularity. A lot of people are now doing a full Europe trek, but here are three of the best

(1)    Yorkshire Dales: Some of the quietest roads in England make for blissful jaunts. Here you won’t be giving Bradley Wiggins a run for his money, the steep pitches and false flats combined with the rolling heather and different passes makes it a good spot.

(2)    Holland: While this is just a whole country, the flat and open land means that a cycling holiday is perfect here. With towns, cycle routes and canal paths to take you can enjoy the greenery and picturesque scenes.

(3)    French Alps : A spot that is known by most cyclists, it is slightly tougher terrain but you can pick and choose the route on this picturesque spot.


Get up close and personal with a country by taking a slow holiday. Explore at your own pace across the whole of the continent. With the right research and guide you can have a unique and beautiful holiday. Some ideas include.

(1)    Lake Lucerne – Head to Switzerland and navigate this great location within the Alps. Some say it is one of the most idyllic lakes across Europe and you can stroll through the mountains and enjoy boats, cable cars and trains to get a scenic holiday.

(2)    Wicklow – Known as the garden of Ireland, heading to this spot is a great holiday spot. A place full of character, the area has grassland, deep valleys and rounded peaks to enjoy just south of Dublin.

(3)    Carinthian Alps – Here we go to Austria and the traditional villages you can see in the foothills of the Alps. Clean mountain air as standard, you will also experience old farming techniques in the Lesachtal valley.


These aren’t the only ways that you can enjoy a holiday with lower carbon emissions. There are multiple other ideas, including

(1)     Sea Kayaking – This is a popular holiday these days and can be done in many countries. One example is to the south west of Stockholm, where you can head to the near archipelagos and camp overnight.

(2)    Charmonix Valley – The French Alps during ski season are stunning, and doing a tour here you’ll be able to get to the untouched snow of the beautiful mountains off-piste and away from the crowds.

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