The Ashes is one of the most prestigious and iconic test tournaments in the world of cricket, played twice a year by Australia and England. It’s no secret that the Brits and Aussies are huge fans of cricket and every year the attention this tournament gets seems to get bigger with every game.


The tournament has been named the Ashes for over 100 years now, after Australia’s first ever test win in England during 1882. The Aussie victory came as a shock to many at the time, as England was considered the better cricket team.

England proved themselves to be the best this year after they won the first test series of The Ashes, with an outstanding 3-0 victory. The second Ashes test series of 2013 is to be hosted in Australia which begins on November 21st and will run through until January 7th 2014.

It goes without saying this is going to be an exciting match: Australia will be more determined to walk away the winners and being on home turf allows the Aussies to receive the full support and encouragement from their home crowd.

Like all the previous Ashes test tournament, the atmosphere is electric, so no matter where the tournament takes place it’s not surprising that many visitors travel to Australia especially to watch this event.

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With the tournament selling out fast, unfortunately many cricket fans won’t be able to attend the festivities over in Australia, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out all the fun. If you have a group of friends or you’re wanting to get other people involved in your beloved sport, why not have your own game of cricket?

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So, no matter where you end up watching this fantastic tournament, you’ll be getting involved and experiencing what could be a match of a lifetime.